In the primary classes (Std. I to IV) we believe 'Direct Experience' is the basis for all learning. Spontaneous activities of a child provide the natural condition for the growth and acquisition of knowledge. 'The Learning by doing approach' based on the child's needs and interests paves way for the project method of teaching. The curriculum in the primary school is organized according to the fourfold interests of the child - in conversation, inquiry, construction and artistic expression.

The curriculum helps develop critical discrimination and reasoning ability in a child. The focus will be on the child's counting and reckoning skills which lead to the development of primary mathematics. Emphasis will be laid on the importance of sound, form and number, providing the child with the opportunity to learn the foundational aspects of all subjects. All the qualities of an intelligent democratic citizen like initiative, independence and resourcefulness will be developed in every child.

Importance will be given to observation; thus preparing the way for the development of a scientific mind.

The child will be introduced to the world of reality, spontaneously and joyfully through periodic fieldtrips to Nature Parks, Conservation centers and eco-friendly destinations which help develop skills and values of love, concern and preservation of the flora, fauna and natural resources. Out bound education starts from Class III. Art, Craft, Yoga, Physical Education, Dance and Music form an integral part of the curriculum in primary education. Emphasis is on co-operation and not on competition.